How to provide PUNDIX-ETH Liquidity on UniswapV3
You will learn how how to provide liquidity for PUNDIX-ETH on UniswapV3 at 0.3% fee level
If you have already staked on UniswapV3 and would like to continue to the liquidity mining farm, click here. If not carry on with this tutorial where you will first be interacting with the Uniswap interface.
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    Click on this link​
2. Click Connect a wallet. If you are using f(x)Wallet, you can choose the WalletConnect protocol to connect f(x)Wallet to UniswapV3.
3. Open your f(x)Wallet and click the circle in the center. A menu will popup. Choose scan, select an address, and click Authorize to connect your wallet.
4. Once your wallet is connected, head back to the UniswapV3 interface, click New position and select ETH-PUNDIX pair and ensure you have selected the 0.3% fee tier if that is not already the default.
5. Input your Min Price, Max Price, ETH and PUNDIX amounts and then click approve PUNDIX.
Please ensure that you have done your own research on UniswapV3 and the price range that you will be providing liquidity for so you won't get rekt.
6. A metamask pop-up notification will appear and click confirm.
7. Click Preview then when a pop-up appears, click Add.
8. You will be directed back to the main pool page and your liquidity positions will appear there.
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